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Below is a fast overview of solar energy today. Below the review, I have actually also added a variety of added solar energy resources which are worth exploring if you want to take an even much deeper dive into the subject.

To obtain rolling, here is a CNBC interview of me talking about why, really typically, solar power is so important, and discussing its prospective to assist the globe today. Next off, right here’s a video about what does it cost? the price of solar has decreased in recent years as well as exactly what that suggests, adhered to by an “Regarding Solar/ Why Solar” video that enters into the specifics of the power as well as solar power markets a little bit a lot more:

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

Solar energy’s Abundance
Falling Solar energy Costs
Solar power Market Development
Largest Solar Power Projects
If you’re looking for particular details on solar power technology, that’s not included right here, yet I ‘d recommend these sources for even more on that particular:

How Do Solar Panels, Solar Cells and Solar power Job?
Solar Thermal Panels, Practical but Not Yet Popular– A Solar Overview
The majority of Efficient Solar Panels– Which Ones?
The Solar energy Wikipedia page
No other power source compares to the energy potential of sunshine. Taking a look at the photo above, make certain to keep in mind that circles for coal, uranium, oil, and gas are COMPLETE recoverable reserves, whereas the renewable energy circles (including the large yellow solar energy one) are for energy potential each year.

The bottom line: Solar energy is the most bountiful energy resource on earth, without a doubt.

For a micro-scale example, the solar power hitting the state of Texas each month amounts to the overall quantity of energy the Texas oil and gas sector has actually ever before created.